Creator. I am the creative mind, photographer and the sneaky chef behind Secret Squirrel Food. This site is a collection of my recipes that celebrates the pleasures of eating simple, real, natural and wholesome food.

Inspiration. Everyday, I wake up to one of the most stunning views in the world. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It always reminds me that if you have a vision, then anything’s possible.

Passion. I am a lover of health foods and I’m very passionate about clean eating. I put 110% into everything I do, whether it’s cooking, work, fitness, family or friends. I do my best every day and this is what drives me. I cook with my heart and soul and this love, is evident in my cooking. Healthy eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and mindset change. The benefits of this lifestyle change are phenomenal. More energy, buzz, vitality, healthier, happier, stronger nails, glowing skin… what are you waiting for?!

Maker. Healthy food doesn’t have to be BORING! Let’s make it FUN! Many people are stuck for ideas when it comes to healthy eating. It’s not just boring rabbit food and you can definitely still have your sweets and treats! The Secret Squirrel is my avenue for creativity. I love to experiment in the kitchen and to explore healthy alternatives to your not-so-healthy food. I also LOVE sneaking vegetables and greens wherever I can. Sneaky health foods! The puzzled reaction on people’s faces when I tell them what the ingredients really are, always makes me giggle every time! Laughter is the best medicine and a smile is infectious. When others see a smile on your face, they will instantly become happier too!

Dreamer. I’m an Australian girl living in Dubai and after a few months of living in the Middle East, I’ve notice a severe lack of healthy eating options and access to health foods is very limited. It is my vision to spread my love of health foods and to promote healthy eating in the Middle East. Dubai is such an amazing place and there is so much opportunity here to make a difference!

Adventurer. Every time I set foot into my kitchen, I love to experiment and explore healthy alternatives and substitutes. It’s always an adventure and a mystery! The kitchen is my playground. When I’m stressed, I cook, when I’m happy, I cook, when I’m sad, I cook. It’s my favorite place in the world and the best part of all, is that it can be enjoyed by family and friends. I hope you find inspiration on my blog and have as much fun in the kitchen as I do. This can be our little secret. And remember… Sshhhh! Don’t tell them it’s healthy!


Love Secret Squirrel xx.