Almond Pistachio Oat Cookies



Are you looking for a healthy snack??!! Look no further because you’ve found them right here!! These cookies are the perfect snack to satisfy all those hungry feelings!! Almond pistachio oat cookies, half double dipped in raw chocolate and a sprinkle of pistachios. YUMMY!!! These are so handy to keep in your bag, your car, your desk drawer… hide them in your closet because if others find out about them, they will disappear very quickly 😉





  1. Jessica

    These are AMAZING! Made my first batch this afternoon and they disappeared that quickly I’m now baking my second.
    I made the chocolate mixture but found that the cookies didn’t need it. They’re divine on their own.

    Thank you for another great recipe!

  2. Lauren

    Just wondering what is meant by almond meal? Is this like almond flour or almond pulp (e.g. left over from making almond milk)? Thanks!

  3. Rosa dias

    I totally love this recipe and continually make it and you absolutely right it doesn’t last long between me and my 2 children they go very must and that’s by doubling the recipe x thank you

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