Banana Birthday Cake & Blueberry Cream Frosting







It’s my BIRTHDAY today!! Another year passes by very quickly, but it’s just another year because I certainly do not feel like I’m getting any older! My Grandma used to always tell me that everyday is special, hence, it should be our birthday EVERYDAY! One thing for sure is that she taught me to always be happy. She was always smiling and laughing and when others looked at her, they instantly became happier too. It always puts a smile on my face when I think of her. To celebrate, I’ve decided to treat myself today with my very own HEALTHY birthday cake! This year has been a huge year for me! It took me a few months to settle into living in the Middle East, but now I can finally call Dubai home. I love baking and this delicious cake is so FABULOUS! Gluten free banana cake, layered with chocolate ganache, smothered in blueberry cream and topped with lavender, jasmine flowers and rose petals. Who says cake can’t be HEALTHY?! This is sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free… Say what?! I put my heart and soul into my cooking and this is especially made for YOU with lots of love by ME!!! xx.



  1. Rachel

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is a beautiful cake! I’d make it for my birthday, but that’s far too far away, so I’ll just have to make it to celebrate a non-birthday, but still special day 😉 Can’t wait!!!

  2. Berme

    Hi!!! I was just wondering if i could sub maple syrup for rice syrup and also the flax meal for almond meal or another type of ground seed?? thanks xx (cake is Beautiful by the way)

  3. Secret Squirrel

    Hi Berme,
    Thanks very much for the lovely comments! I’ve never tried substituting maple syrup for rice syrup so I can’t give you a response there (sorry!!) The flax meal can be replaced with almond meal.
    Hope that helps xx.

  4. Kay

    Hi, this cake is so beautiful!
    With the almond meal etc, is the cake quite dry/nutty, or is it super moist?
    Hoping to make it for a birthday without telling people its healthy hehehe.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Hi Kay,
    The cake is quite moist. I always love seeing the surprise on people’s faces, haha 🙂

  6. Elaine

    I didn’t check the date of the post but as you said it should be our birthday EVERYDAY! so guess it’s okay to say happy birthday : ) thanks for sharing with us all the beautiful recipes

  7. Amy

    Hello, I’m super excited to try this recipe. When you make the blueberry cream do you drain the water from the soaking cashews before putting them in the food processor?

  8. Prat

    Beautiful cake. I am going to try this. Thanks! Do the frozen blueberries have to be thawed or processed on frozen form?

  9. Arifa

    Hello! Going to make this for my daughter’s first birthday! How long in advance can it be made? Thank you xx

  10. Michelle Ng

    Hi, I have just came across your recipe which would be perfect for Miss’s first birthday. However, for the frosting, is it necessary to add in cashew nut? As she has not gone through allergy test for nuts just yet.. thank you!

  11. Alexandra

    This is a good cake. I made it on the weekend for my daughter’s first birthday. I have two comments – you don’t mention how long to put the ganache in the freezer for. My issue is it was frozen rock hard and I had to microwave it in order to use it. Not ideal. Plus it was green, not brown, so really needed more cacao. Otherwise this was great!

  12. Rachel

    What a simply stunning cake! What are the measurements of the cooking tray for the cake mixture please; and the diameter of the ‘cookie cutter’ for slicing out the sponge rounds to make the stack? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Rachel

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