Choc-Banana Crunch Ice-cream Pops



Banana “Ice-cream” Pops with raw chocolate and pistachio superfood crunch. WOW! These look amazing, they taste AMAZING and they are so easy to make! When you bite into these pops, you get a smooth creamy banana ice-cream on the inside, a crackle of the raw chocolate and the crunch from the superfood coating on the outside. Words just cannot describe how super DELICIOUS these are… sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and GUILT-FREE! They can be kept in the freezer and will satisfy those sugary cravings anytime of the day or night. I think I might just have another one… YUM!



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  2. Elisabeth

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! Perfect for when I get those long-day craves for ice cream. 👌😋

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