Chocolate Truffles




Oooohhh La La… 3 ingredient chocolate truffles! Rich, decadent, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth… mmmmmmmmmm I’m in LOVE!!! Chocolate truffles are typically packed full of sugar and is made out of cream, butter and chocolate. These chocolate truffles taste just like the real thing, minus all the nasties! Be quick before they are all gobbled up! It’s the perfect afternoon treat and is guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate cravings! What I love about these is that no-one will know that it is completely raw, vegan, dairy-free and refined sugar free!! Make these for your loved ones and play “Guess the ingredients” game. They’ll never guess the ingredients, I’ve already tried it on quite a few unsuspecting friends, haha 🙂



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  2. Ashley

    Love all your yummy raw treats. Was hoping you could give me an idea to replace the walnut (i am allegic to them and to pecans)?

  3. Claudia

    Ashley I used almonds instead. It worked well, I just had to add a touch of water and coconut oil so that it would blend properly

  4. Steph

    These are so perfect! I keep them in the back of my fridge so that when I have a chocolate and sweet craving they’re there but aren’t too noticeable (otherwise my roommates would eat them all)! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. yuki

    hi i’m in love with your food !!!
    but how match dates is one cup?
    i live in Holland and we don’t have the cup thing…..
    Xx Yuki from Holland

  6. Tamara

    Hi Karen,

    I just made these with my son and they are SO good 🙂 Thank you, Tamara xx

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