Chocolate Walnut Cookies, Peanut Butter Cream





TA-DAH!!… Chocolate Walnut Cookies with a decadent salted peanut butter cream. It’s just so utterly delicious that I’m drooling as I am writing this post. This recipe is actually a 2 for 1, as the chocolate walnut cookies and peanut butter cream can be made separately from each other. The cookies are chocolatey, soft, chewy and is the perfect any-time snack! The peanut butter cream is sweet, savoury and is really delicious used as a dip with celery sticks or my beetroot flax crackers. BUT… combine the 2 recipes (plus the addition of juicy raspberries) and you have a decadent dessert which is sure to IMPRESS!!


Truth is, I am a Peanut Butter addict and you may sometimes find me in the kitchen with a sneaky grin, a cleanly-licked spoon and a very empty peanut butter jar… Sshhhh Secret Squirrel xx.



  1. Olga

    I did the cookies, but even once i let them cool, when i try to get them they disintegrate. What do you think I did wrong?
    I absolutely adore your blog! Congratulations!

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