Coconut Sesame Crusted Tofu with Orange Honey Soy Dressing



I love tofu. Yes, that bland tasting block of squishy slimy stuff can be utterly delicious! What I love about tofu is that it takes on the flavours of the dressing or sauce it is served with. Coconut sesame crusted tofu with an orange honey soy dressing. Perfectly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and a slightly tangy soy dressing – amazing! The toasted coconut and sesame coating will make your kitchen smell wonderful! These are great served as an entrée at a dinner party and are also perfect for a mid-week dinner. That bland tasting tofu has suddenly transformed into a fabulous meal and you’ll want to make these over and over again for sure!



  1. Amber

    I make this regularly served with a raw rainbow salad for dinner and it’s definitely one of my favourite meals! The crust is genius and the sauce makes the entire dish. I think it could convert even the most stubborn of meat eaters. Everybody should give this one a go asap!

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