Gluten-Free Apple Spiced Tea Cake

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AMAZING!!! This is one of my BEST cake recipes. Apple spiced tea cake, layered with whipped vanilla coconut cream and topped with candied walnuts and fresh figs. I cannot tell you how delicious this cake is! It’s completely refined sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. YUMMO! It’s the perfect cake for any occasion… Birthdays, Anniversaries, Picnics in the Park, Dinner Parties or just because you feel like baking the most YUMMIEST cake ever! 🙂 This cake is sure to impress your loved ones and they won’t believe you it’s healthy and packed full of nothing but GOODIES! Sshhhh Secret Squirrel xx.



  1. Meg K

    I’m currently in the process of baking this and it smells so lovely ! Just wondering if you know whether or not the cake will keep in the fridge (whipped coconut cream included) if I don’t serve it all after assembling it ?

  2. Kristy

    I just turned this recipe into 18 magnificient tasting muffins. Going to be hard to make them last as morning tea snacks for the week. Four of them just got devoured before they could even cool. Thanks again!

  3. Nabela

    Hello, i just found your insta and blog two days ago, glad i did, as i made this cake but it did not turn out like i want, maybe the ground almond i used wasn’t fine enough, and i kept it more in the oven cause it wasn’t cooking from the inside, the taste and feel is more like coconut cake, what do think went wrong?

  4. Amanda

    Hi, when you say leave coconut cream in fridge over night… Roughly how many hours would this need to separate?

  5. R. Laura

    Hi Secret Squirrel, I love this recipe so much and wanted to attempt to make it as beautiful as you did however, i have one question: Can I substitute the eggs, I’m a vegan and wanted to try another additive, can I? If so, what would you recommend?

  6. Vanessa

    I loved your website and recipes!! I noticed that many recipes call for vanilla paste, but that’s not available where I live (Brazil!)Do you have any suggestions for a substitute? Thanks!

  7. Viv

    My cake didn’t rise much. I followed the exact steps so I don’t know what I did wrong? The only thing I did was fold the batter manually as I didn’t have an electric mixer at home. Could that have been the reason?

  8. Beryl

    Hi Secret Squirrel! I’m also vegan and wondering if the eggs were more of a binding ingredient or for rising because then I could substitute maybe flaxseed meal and water for the eggs? Thanks!

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