Lavender Blueberry Sorbet



4 Ingredient Ice-cream Series:
Have you got friends or family coming over for dinner and you’re not sure what to make for dessert? Are you bored of your breakfast? Are you craving something sweet after dinner? Is it a really hot day and all you can think about is ice-cream? Welcome to my Secret Squirrel 4 ingredient ice-cream series! Lavender Blueberry Sorbet topped with your favourite fresh fruit… this is just simply irresistible!! The lavender and blueberry is perfectly paired. It’s smooth, creamy, tastes and “appears” to be incredibly naughty! Make this for your loved ones and they will be completely astonished! I’m still amazed by how delicious this is! Even I can’t believe it’s HEALTHY!! Sshhhh…. Secret Squirrel xx.



  1. Amanda

    This looks amazing and cant wait to make it. Just a quick question, where would you get dried lavender from? Ive never heard of it relating to cooking. Thanks!
    Amanda 🙂

  2. Esprit

    If you’re looking for edible dried lavendar, try getting it in tea form! Lots of places sell pure lavendar tea, which is food grade and doesn’t have any additives. That oughta’ get the job done.

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