Masafi Water: Knowing your water source

I am constantly staying hydrated!! In fact, I drink approximately 2-3L water per day and this keeps my skin looking beautiful. I had the pleasure of working with Masafi recently, on educating people on the importance of knowing where your water source is from. Masafi is considered as the region’s only leading bottled water that doesn’t come from the sea. It is coaxed from deep beneath the Hajar Mountains in Masafi. Not only can you taste the difference but you can feel the difference too.


In the UAE, desalinated seawater and groundwater are the only two main sources of drinking water, the long term future of the UAE bottled water industry will remain stable as with the exception of Masafi most of other leading UAE brands are using desalinated sea water resources for their water source. I learnt that Masafi will always continue providing natural water from our land that is bottled at source that come deep underground from the mountains of Masafi with the same quality and natural health benefits that the original water from the Hajar Mountains of the UAE contains.


It’s important to know where your water source is from… is it natural water or desalinated water that you’re drinking… Natural is the way to go!!! Ask for Natural. Ask for Masafi.


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