Moroccan Sweet Potato & Chickpeas





Who loves chopping onions?! NOT ME!!! Who has a massive cry after chopping onions? Hands smelling of onions for days… ME!!! Well, I got the opportunity to test the new Philips Onion Chef and WOW!! I’m in love with it!! It uses a ChopDrop technology, which allows for perfectly sized onions and no mess too!! What I also love about this machine is that it’s very compact, doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen and can also chop a variety of ingredients, including meat, nuts, herbs, parmesan cheese and chocolate. Hehehe, now you can chop like a chef!! This Moroccan sweet potato and chickpea stew is one of my favourite week day dinners. I usually cook a big batch at the start of the week and voila! I have a few quick dinners covered! You can also add grilled chicken or fish to make it a more hearty and wholesome meal.



  1. S Y E D A

    Im drooling! Love how vibrant and delicious your food photography always looks! x

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