Cinnamon Spiced Banana Porridge

3 October 2017


The cutest porridge you will ever see! Everyone needs to wake up to cute Teddy bears in their porridge. Smooth, creamy and so comforting. This cinnamon spiced banana porridge will get you through the day and it always puts a smile on my face 🙂


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Cauliflower Pizza

10 July 2017



Who says pizza can’t be healthy? A simple cauliflower pizza crust recipe that’s so surprisingly delicious, you’d never guess it could possibly be so healthy! You’ll never feel guilty about eating pizza again! I know what you’re thinking…. a cauliflower crust? Hmmmmmm…. no thank you. BUT! This crust is amazing! It’s lower in calories than your average pizza recipe and the easy to make cauliflower base is a much lighter option than pizza dough. You can add anything for your toppings: cheese, fresh basil leaves, crushed chilli flakes, spinach, eggplant etc. It is so delicious that you won’t even think twice about the whole crust being made out of cauliflower. And yes, you can slice it and pick it up like a real piece of pizza. So what are you waiting for?! 😀


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Mini Chocolate Muffins & Strawberry Sticks

5 June 2017



These mini muffins are ideal for breakfast or a delicious mid morning snack and can you believe they are the best healthy chocolate muffins? They’re rich, chocolatey, decadent and the perfect bite-size treat. Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free – there’s no need to feel guilty about seconds or thirds 😉


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Peanut Butter Brownie Truffles

6 May 2017



Peanut Butter and Chocolate? Yes please! Bliss balls are so easy to make. There’s no cooking, super quick and no lengthy preparation time. They are the perfect healthy snack and would also make a great gift for your friends and family. I love these delicious chewy truffles and I always keep them handy in the fridge for whenever I need an afternoon pick me up or something to satisfy my peanut butter chocolatey cravings.


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My Favourite Chocolate Mousse

23 August 2016



A chocolate mousse which does not contain any refined sugar or cream?! You’re kidding me right?! Nope. No kidding! It’s my guilt-free raw chocolate mousse AND it’s completely refined sugar-free and dairy-free! Rich, smooth, decadent chocolatey mousse without all the added nasties! Only requires 5 ingredients and it is super EASY to make! So good, you can have it for breakfast! 🙂


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