Peanut Butter Power Bars






Peanut Butter Power Bars!! I love snacking all day during the week so I often spend the weekend making weekday treats! I really despise the hungry feeling so these bars always brighten up my day! Are you a peanut butter addict like me? These bars are the perfect healthy snack and are packed full of GOODIES!! No nasties allowed! Package them into little parcels with some ribbon so it’s like a little present to yourself when you unwrap them. What a treat! ♥



  1. Daniela

    I love (and am addicted) both PB and snacks! Oh the amount of food I bring to the office every day! Just like you I can’t stand being hungry. It’s just not an option.

    Thanks for the recipe, my snack repertoire just got bigger 😉

  2. Sue

    I don’t like using agave and try to make some treats fructose free which means using Rice Malt Syrup instead of Maple. Have you ever tried it in your recipes? It’s less sweet so I would usually substitute slightly more. I’ll give it a go

  3. Waterlily

    Can you recommend a coconut oil brand available in Dubai that is either unrefined or refined in a natural way without using chemicals in the refining process? Thank you!

  4. Nelissa

    I absolutely loved these bars!! I substituted cranberries for sultanas & I just added extra peanut butter instead of the tahini. I also had some granola that I used instead of the buckwheat. After baking them I felt they were a little soft but after a few days in the fridge all of the ingredients molded together and the consistency was ideal! Taste is incredible!! Thank you for your recipe xx

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