Raw Chocolate Ganache Butterscotch Cake



Oooh la la… looks can be deceiving and you will not believe your eyes! It’s a raw vegan chocolate ganache cake layered with salted butterscotch cream and topped with fresh berries. Yes, healthy cakes can be this sexy! It’s completely refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and guilt-free! No baking required. Decadent, rich and chocolately. This will truly impress your loved ones and I’m drooling just thinking about it…



  1. Jennifer DiMaggio

    Hi, this looks divine. I live in Dubai also.
    – Where do you get buckinis (sorry, never heard of them)?
    – Also, do you recommend a particular place to get different varieties of dates? I normally buy mine at the Organic Store & Cafe but they sell only one kind of date (and I don’t even know what kind they are).
    – Do you use salted or unsalted nuts?

    Thanks so much!

    Jennifer DiMaggio

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Hi Jennifer,
    – I buy Loving Earth buckinis from Milk and Honey on Palm Jumeirah. Buckinis are buckwheat which has been ‘activated’ ie. soaked and then dehydrated.
    – I buy my dates from Carrefour at Mall of Emirates. They have all different varieties of dates. Khalas dates are my favourite!
    – I use raw unsalted nuts.
    Hope that helps xx.

  3. Annie

    Hi, does this cake freeze well by any chance? Looks a bit big for me to finish in one sitting, but would love to try it…

  4. Annie

    Oops, please ignore above! Just read recipe and noted every step was to put in freezer. Thanks!

  5. Tracy

    Hi Secret Squirrel,

    I am alergic to avacado, is there an alternative product I could use?

  6. Lucy

    This looks sooo amazing! Wanting to make it for my christmas pot luck. I’m in Australia so just wondering if you knew where or if its even possible for me to purchase Khala dates??

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