Spiced Honey & Walnut Banana Ice-cream







4 Ingredient Ice-cream Series:
Have you got friends or family coming over for dinner and you’re not sure what to make for dessert? Are you bored of your breakfast? Are you craving something sweet after dinner? Is it a really hot day and all you can think about is ice-cream? Welcome to my Secret Squirrel 4 ingredient ice-cream series! Cardamon spiced honey and walnut banana ice-cream, topped with fresh figs and a drizzle of honey… this is just simply irresistible!! It’s smooth, creamy, slightly crunchy, tastes and “appears” to be incredibly naughty! Looks can be deceiving because this is HEALTHY IN DISGUISE!! Make this for your loved ones and they will be completely astonished! I’m still amazed by how delicious this is! Even I can’t believe it’s HEALTHY!! Sshhhh…. Secret Squirrel xx.



  1. gingermylk

    Oh dear, I had all the ingredients except I ate my last banana ten minutes ago! Looks amazing, am contemplating running out to the shops to buy more bananas just to make this πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Trushagee

    I made this about 5 minutes ago and loved every about it! This is the PERFECT replacement for ice cream!

    I have now learnt that peeling a frozen banana is no easy task! I’ll be sure to peel them in future!

    Thank you for sharing!!

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