Super Green Smoothie







I give 110% into everything I do, whether it’s work, cooking, health, fitness, friends and family. I love to make the most of each and every day because we only get one chance! In order to give my best, I have to keep myself energized and ready for what lies in my day ahead. A typical morning for me includes going for a run around Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the WORLD!!) and then drinking a super green smoothie before going to work. I love going for a run in the mornings as it gives me that much needed extra energy boost for the day! I always look forward to drinking my super green smoothie as it keeps me happy, both on the inside and out! Even the thought of green smoothies, makes me feel good. Start off with one handful of spinach, and as you get used to drinking green smoothies, keep adding a handful of spinach each day. I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a GREEN MONSTER!!



  1. Clemence

    Bonjour et merci pour votre blog rempli de bonnes idées, j’ai récemment essayer votre fameuse glace au chocolat-banane-avocat et ça a été un réel succès c’était vraiment délicieux merci beaucoup de toutes vos recettes.

  2. Jacinta

    This was AMAZING! I have never scoffed down a smoothie so fast in my life! (Except for maybe your cacao smoothie recipe!) Thanks Secret Squirrel x

  3. @princessweetah

    It’s nice to see your gorg website! Thanks for liking my instagram pics. So inspiring to get it from you who is well established already. I’ll try this smoothie. Xoxo

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