Superfood Sprinkles



Is it a bird?… (No.)
Is it a plane?… (I don’t think so!)
I am often asked where I get all my energy (super powers) from and I believe it is mostly due to the food I eat. Superfood sprinkles are so easy to make and it is basically all your favourite nuts, seeds and fruit mixed together! These are the perfect addition to your salads, soup, yoghurt, fruit, smoothies, chia puddings, ice-cream… anything really! You can now add that extra special touch to your meal. Superfood sprinkles to the rescue!



  1. Secret Squirrel

    Hi Lisa,
    You can sprinkle these on anything! I love them sprinkled on top of yoghurt and fruit or sprinkled on salads 🙂
    Enjoy xx.

  2. Shani

    Hi can you please tell me which food processor you use ? I’m in lebanon & would love to know a good brand to buy here to make all your recipes

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