Upside Down Pineapple Slice

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Upside Down Pineapple Slice

The sweetness of the “caramel” goes perfectly with the tartness of the pineapple… add some coconut and it’s a killer combination!! I love this raw upside down pineapple slice. It doesn’t require any cooking and I love to have these in the freezer for when I have sweet tooth cravings 🙂 They really don’t last very long in my house! I created this recipe inspired by “Thahabi”, a lustre coating by Jotun Paints Arabia. Thahabi reflects the golden souk, the golden grains of sand, the desert and this region’s timeless heritage. Head to Jotun Paints website to see more from this Oriental collection –> HERE.
Enjoy!! I hope you like this pineapple slice as much as I do!!



  1. dawn

    The recipe is great, but I had a really hard time getting the “caramel” sauce smooth. When I first put the mixture into my processor, the water starting flying out of the sides. So I moved to my vitamix, which only broken things down so much before it started to just throw things onto the sides of the mixer and not mix. So… i moved back to my processor and had a similar problem to the vitamix. I ended up, after about 30 minutes, with a very lumpy sauce which was hard to spread over the pineapple. Any suggestions for fixing this problem. Would love to make again, but without the frustration. The bottom layer was super easy!

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