Zaatar Spiced Flax Crackers



Zaatar spiced flax crackers… I like to also refer to these as bird seed crackers, haha. Zaatar spice is a traditional and popular spice blend in the Middle East. It is a very versatile every day spice mixture made up of dried herbs, sumac, sesame seeds and salt. Delicious sprinkled on food or used as a spice rub… a spice fairy dust! These flax crackers are perfectly paired with my Garlicky Hummus and what I love about flax crackers is its simplicity. Guess what binds these flax crackers together? It’s WATER! I love playing this guessing game as people are always so surprised! Flax seeds release a sticky gooey substance which enables the crackers to bind together. Genius!



  1. Zee

    Hi! Just discovered your beautiful blog, this seems like a delicious recipe – thank you so much for sharing 🙂 Just wondering: aren’t sunflower seeds the same as pepitas?! You’ve listed them as seprate ingredients. Looking forward to trying the recipe soon. Thank you!

  2. Sue

    Wondering if Zaatar Spice is available in Australia or something similar?
    Love your website

  3. Fay

    Hi Karen, I really really want to make these but I’m having great difficulty getting hold of the flax seeds- cannot find them in any of my local whole food/organic shops or bigger supermarkets- and I live in London. Can you think of anything I could substitute the flax seeds with that would have the same ability when soaked to bind together? I’m craving these so badly! x

  4. Shara

    I just went and bought flaxseeds and found out they are the same as linseeds, maybe that will help you Fay.
    Zaatar is definitely available in Australia, Herbies Spices makes it among other places. You could always make your own, it is a mix of Sumac, Sesame Seed, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano and Salt.
    I am going to make these this arvo.

  5. Mia

    Does anyone know a brand of Zatar spice that is without wheat; here in Dubai? TIA 🙂

  6. Alice

    Hey! Sounds delicious, gonna make them soon! Do you maybe have nutritional information for these (kcal)? Would be awesome!

  7. Regie

    Just made this delicious crackers this past weekend…WOW! Wonderful flavour and crunch! Will be making them weekly, very good and healthy!

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